We are a jewelry brand but not only...

As independant and active women, we like to get inspiration in our everyday life. This is why you can find timeless basics but also trendy and minimalist jewelry. 

We aim to design subtle jewelry you can keep for life, but also statement accessories that will give you the special "touch" you need to complete any outfit.

Our jewelry is mainly made of 925 Sterling Silver and 18K Gold plated over Sterling Silver, as well as Gold filled. 


Hello I'm Barbara.

Portuguese by nationality, French at heart after 25 years spent in Paris.

I was never meant to become jewelry designer, I started a completely different career,  but I always liked making things with my own hands.

When I was 19, during a trip to Montreal, I found at Urban Outfitters a little red wool thread in a very cute packaging, which explained that it brought Protection, Love and Prosperity .

As I am very supersitious, I obviously bought it ✨

The day it broke I decided to make another one, very simple, with a piece of red thread. Then, I started to slowly improve this little piece of thread which had become an integral part of my wrist.

So much so that those around me started asking me to make some for them too, then my friends wanted to give some to their own friends and so on.

This gave me the idea of ​​diversifying this simple model and starting to add pendants to it ; then offer it in several thread colors etc.

Without realizing it, I had created a collection!

From a simple little piece of wool and after many versions, it has become Our Red Bracelet for Protection.

I say OUR because it is also a little bit yours now.... So many of you are wearing it!

And just like that BLUSH & GOLD has been around for almost 10 years!

I am now based in Portugal and our collection has also evolved a lot.

I have always remained a little in the shadow to put the brand forward, but I wanted to thank you for all your support throughout these years and for that I wanted to introduce myself.


So that's it, don't hesitate to contact me if you want to know more, or share your story with our Red bracelet or if you have any other questions. I am always available ❤️

You can also follow me on my personal instagram @barbara._monteiro

Did you know that The Red Thread is part of many cultures and religions and that it also has different meanings?

Click here for a little bit of history on the Red Thread